Clinical Research

We've Done the Research for You

Finding the right supplement for your individual needs can be a challenge. Here at Top 5 Supplements, we enlist the help of a team of medical experts to analyze the best available options, so you can make an informed choice that is best for your health.

Our Mission

At Top 5 Supplements, we believe in making scientific knowledge more accessible. By leveraging the expertise of our staff, we stay plugged into the latest advancements in natural medicine and relay our findings to you. From articles about health and wellness, to product reviews and rankings, our goal is to help our readers become more knowledgeable about the very best holistic ingredients available.

Our Rating Algorithm

Our comprehensive rating algorithm takes into account a number of different factors to calculate ratings on a 10 point scale, which makes it easier to quantify and compare different products according to the same metrics. These are the 5 most important factors that influence our scores:

  1. Ingredient Composition

    A natural supplement cannot achieve high standards of quality without utilizing the best ingredients. We diligently investigate the latest breakthroughs in holistic medicine to identify the safest and most effective ingredients currently available. With this information, we research the composition of each product and evaluate which uses the most favorable combination of ingredients in their optimal dosages, staying clear of harmful fillers or additives.

  2. Product Safety

    What good is a supplement that provides effective relief for one issue but causes unexpected, unpleasant side effects? In addition to scrutinizing product composition for the safety of individual ingredients, we watch for the inclusion of ingredients that have the potential to interact adversely with each other, as well as common vitamins, minerals, and medications. Finally, we monitor publicly posted product reviews on trusted third-party websites for complaints of negative reactions or side effects.

  3. Proof of Efficacy

    While customer reviews and testimonials can help identify product safety issues, they are often unreliable in determining the effectiveness of a supplement. The "placebo effect" has been shown to exert such a powerful influence on human psychology that even individuals with serious medical conditions often report improvement. We prefer products that are tested in blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies to establish scientifically-confirmed proof of efficacy.

  4. Clinical Research

    While holistic supplements do not require a prescription from a doctor, this does not mean that they should be held to a lower standard of clinical evidence. We examine the research methods and journal citations for each product, paying close attention to the deliberate inclusion of favorable studies and exclusion of unfavorable ones to bolster their claims. Further, we make attempts to contact the manufacturers of each product to seek information about their formulation process and how they source their ingredients.

  5. Expert Insight

    The physicians and nutrition experts of our staff have developed an intuitive sense of what works and what does not after decades of extensive, hands-on experience with patients and clients. While our algorithm will always be primarily grounded in hard data, the subjective insights and opinions of our seasoned staff also factor into the equation when calculating product ratings.

Why We Provide Free Reviews

Since we do not display advertising on the website, our business model is supported by affiliate links. Each product review on this website also features a link to the product website or an online marketplace where it can be purchased. When a user purchases one of these products through any of these links, we receive a portion of the proceeds.

In addition, the company that owns and operates this website also has ownership interest in the companies that manufacture or sell some of the products that we review. When one of these products is displayed, this relationship is noted.

We feel that this business model allows us to provide a reliable, ad-free review experience. For example, if a user were to make a purchase through one of the links on our website but decide to return the product for a refund, we would not benefit. Our company would not profit from the sale, and the credibility of our review would decline. As such, we feel that our interests align with consumers by ensuring that we only review the safest and most effective products on this website.